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The customer
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A message from our CEO, Daniel Chavarria

Yes, you guessed it right…a go-getter.
That is why we call ourselves the coffee for the go-getter.

But what is a go-getter? And why do we want go-getters as customers instead of the alternative? A go-getter is an individual who possesses an unwavering drive, ambition, and determination to pursue their goals and aspirations. They are proactive, resourceful, and have a relentless spirit of action. Go-getters are not content with settling for mediocrity; instead, they seek growth, success, and personal fulfillment.

As go-getters feel rejuvenated when they interact with other go-getters, at Rising Rooster Roasters (RRR) we want to interact with go-getters as well. That energy is positive and contagious. It feeds us with optimism and can-do attitude. Nowadays, the alternative is very easy to find. We have seen it and we prefer it goes to our competition.

Through the energy and good vibes of drinking Rising Rooster Roasters (RRR) coffee, we want to create a community of go-getters that unlock a powerful catalyst for their journey towards greatness. RRR, as a family-owned business, understands the essence of being a go-getter and the positive impact that such individuals can make in their communities. That’s why RRR takes pride in exclusively employing go-getters who share the same passion for making a difference.

Mission Statement

At Rising Rooster Roasters (RRR), our mission is to provide a dynamic boost for all go-getters by delivering exceptional coffee and fostering an environment of good energy. We believe that the perfect cup of coffee has the power to fuel dreams, inspire action, and ignite potential.

Through our exceptional coffee and the power of positive energy, we aim to inspire and empower individuals to reach their full potential, one coffee bag at a time.

Mission Statement

Our vision at Rising Rooster Roasters (RRR) is to become the foremost provider of coffee for go-getters. We aspire to be the first choice for individuals who are driven, ambitious, and seeking a caffeinated companion that matches their energy and enthusiasm.

By consistently delivering exceptional coffee blends and fostering a culture of excellence, we aim to establish RRR as the synonymous brand when go-getters think of coffee. We envision a future where our name is instantly recognized and associated with superior quality, innovative flavors, and a commitment to supporting the dreams and aspirations of those who dare to dream big.