Our Amazing Story

Rising Rooster Roasters (RRR) is a family-owned business that has brought together multiple generations and distinct individuals from many professional fields and life paths. While our backgrounds are varied, our common interests are the enjoyment of a great cup of coffee, our go-getter attitude, and our passion for life. All these factors combined, culminated with the creation of the triple “R”, Rising Rooster Roasters (try to say it three times in a row!).

For us, coffee is not just a favorite beverage, it is a passion.

We appreciate the rich soil it was planted in, the hands that toiled to care for it, the roaster that perfectly toasted each bean and the laborers that worked to get it into our coffee cup. Think about this: every time you enjoy a cup of coffee, you are tasting the result of the hard work of countless people who will never know one another, do not speak the same language, may not share the same religious or world view, but who all have the same goal…to bring you a delicious cup of coffee.

From the individual who planted the coffee to your kitchen, our coffee beans have traveled thousands of miles and been touched by hundreds of people.

For us, coffee is also a companion, your good friend. It is there in the early morning when the house is quiet, and the day is just beginning. It is there when you are running errands or dropping kids off at school. It is there for an afternoon pick me up or for a pre work out boost. It is there as part of your fishing ritual or in your most important moments as you contemplate life and how to achieve your goals.

But most importantly, for us, coffee welcomes people to connect. First dates happen over a cup of coffee. Business deals are made over a cup of coffee. Co-workers meet to catch up on life during a coffee break. New and old friends meet to share life over a cup of coffee. Regardless of your marital, social, political, or financial status, coffee does not discriminate… it is there to connect people to one another. If there is a drink that can bring world peace, that is coffee.


To continuously supply high-quality coffee products which deliver positive energy, a big smile, and a can-do attitude.


Through the supply and consumption of high-quality coffee products, create a brand in the US market that inspires an energetic, feel-good, positive attitude.